Another good man gone…

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June 13, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette 6th. of June 2013

A GOOD MAN GONEGraham Edwards a long time buddy of mine, Littlehampton born and bred and proud of it, a familiar figure around town has died. Eggy, a childhood sobriquet he hated and was never used by friends, was a great decorator, or rather restorer, and a dealer in antique brass about which he knew a great deal. He died peacefully at his River Road home. He lived alone without television, telephone or central heating and was happy with his lot. He had a cellphone that he was reluctant to use but was thinking of getting a computer. He had a great gift of recall and was happiest when talking about the LA of the 1950s and 60s. He was gentle, had a great sense of humour and of self-awareness, any difficulty that presented itself was observed with a laconic ‘it’s not a problem.’ As a youngster he sold his marbles to you rather than give you the chance of winning them and he rented out his comics. He was a child of The Top Hat, The Mermaid and The Clifton Café. Folk say ‘sorry for your loss’ as if you have put a friend down somewhere and cannot remember where, but he has not gone from our lives and he will be remembered as our very good friend. Graham has moved on and yet is still around, he will be greatly missed but the circle will not be broken.

AS THE METAL signs advising against cycling in the pedestrianized precinct of the High Street have long since vanished, I enquired of one of the community police officers if the rule regarding a ban on cycling still stood or had it been abandoned? I was told in no uncertain terms that it did still stand. It appears that the majority of offenders ripping through the busy shopping centre, weaving in and out of the pedestrians are not youngsters but adults who should know better and that the £30 fine is no great deterrent. New signage would go some way in supporting the work of the officers but I suspect cycle confiscation or crushing after a couple of warnings are the only real deterrent. A tad extreme? Well, of course I am referring to crushing the bike and not the rider…

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