Local elections should be local! The clue is in the title…

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May 3, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Whispering Smith published in the Littlehampton Gazette Thursday April 25th,

I AM A CARD CARRYING member of the ‘I Don’t Belong To Any Political Party Party’. Always have been, and where local government is concerned, I vote for the candidate, whatever his or her political persuasion, who I consider will do the best for the local folk. I have always believed that party politics should be kept out of local government as our representatives should be more concerned with what we want rather than that which Westminster dictates we should have. Well, now is the time to make some sort of judgement as the WSCC elections loom and we have a chance to show our personal preference with a cross. Over the last couple of days I have had only two leaflets from a possible four prospective candidates through my letterbox. One each from the Conservative and the Liberal Democrat candidates. Nothing from the UKIP or Labour reps. The first was a very upmarket full coloured glossy pictorial affair extolling the undoubted virtues of our Town Mayor Cllr Emma Neno who, as her tenure in that position draws to a close, wishes to progress politically onto the county council. The other was from Cllr James Walsh and was a bit of a dog’s breakfast of a two tone, large print, down market leaflet with grainy photographs telling, without frills, exactly what he stood for.  Cllr Neno has done an excellent and stalwart job as mayor, turned up at all kinds of events and raised a shedload of money for charity. However, one cannot cast one’s vote based on the quality of a leaflet dropping silently onto one’s doormat. While Ms Nemo has been out raising cash for worthy causes Doctor Walsh has marched shoulder to shoulder with the masses and made himself highly visible in all weathers as well as vociferously airing his views on very local issues both in council chamber and through the media, views close to my heart especially where threats to our leisure facilities are concerned.  Now is a welcome and early chance to air our views, put national and party politics aside and put our crosses where they will do most good for the local people and also fire a shot across the bows of those who will be standing in future ADC and town council elections. 

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