Bonfires, Badgers and Parking Fees…

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March 16, 2013 by Whispering Smith

Published in the Littlehampton Gazette March 7th. 2013

SAD NEWS that the LA Bonfire Society is in a bit of trouble with the real possibility of shutting down unless a volunteer comes forward to take over the role of ’events coordinator’. This would be a real shame and a great loss to LA.  Richard and Basil Cooper and Tyndall Jones along with many other volunteers have worked tirelessly, in all weathers, over the years to raise money and keep the society afloat and its passing would be a huge loss to the community. I know some would argue that the outdated celebration of the torture and killing of a sick man who, with some ill perceived justification, only thought to improve the world of his time is a bit arcane, or that there are concerns regarding the huge bonfire with regards to pollution and recycling issues, but there is no denying the magnificent parade and the firework display that follows. Torchlight procession, marching bands, fancy dress, floats and the sweet pong of the torches are all part of what actually defines the town itself. I wish them every success in finding the right person for the job. The Windmill under threat, the cinema gone, the big puddle gone, blockbusters and the Body Shop gone, the town trees gone, my cat gone, run off with the Tom from next door – hussy never even left a note – and now the fireworks and the bonfire parade a possible no show? Don’t let it happen, I don’t think I could stand to lose anything else around here.

HERE IS a late night thought: ADC put up the summer seafront parking fees at a time when studies show that people are making far fewer car journeys. This additional cost on drivers will mean fewer people visiting LA so, not only does the council lose parking revenue but the traders will lose the money those non visitors would have spent. Nobody wins. Good thinking ADC!

SO BADGER culling is back on the agenda in spite of the fact it will not work and could make the bovine tuberculosis situation worse, a conclusion reached even by the government’s own advisors, or that it goes totally against the will of the majority. It all seems very familiar somehow…

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