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November 9, 2012 by Whispering Smith

Published in the Littlehampton Gazette November 1st. 2012

KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING:It was that kind of a morning. ‘Bit of a waste isn’t it.’ Not really a question but a statement of perceived fact from the elderly gentleman standing behind me as I admired the massive bonfire heap on the green last week. He went on to say that he loved the parade and the fireworks and greatly admired the fund raising dedication of the Bonfire Society but was saddened to see the waste of so much recyclable material which poured tonnes of pollutants into our darkened skies and all to celebrate the cruel torture of a chap who probably had the right idea about Parliament any way! I asked, would it be ok then if they burned effigies of Jimmy Savile? He nodded in despair and toddled off. Later along the pier I heard another grumpy chap bemoan the existence of Herring Gulls and said he would shoot the lot if he had his way. Well, I suppose, the bonfire point of view is probably worthy of honest debate in this the 21st. Century, but not the removal of the gulls! No bonfire on bonfire night is one thing but no gulls over LA? Not on, my watch, mister!

FORT DEFIANCE:I have a vague schoolboy recollection of tipper lorries, I think they belonged to  Mr Page,  loaded with broken bricks and shattered concrete dustily roaring away from the ruins of the  old west bank Napoleonic fort and bemoaning, together with my mates, the part destruction of one of our favourite playgrounds. Unsafe and dangerous they claimed, whatever, I do not recall anyone ever being hurt there and I doubt that the destruction of such an important historical site on so flimsy a ground would, in these more enlightened days, be tolerated. Now, a group of dedicated volunteers are determined to restore as much as possible of this important military outpost built to preserve us from the French  and currently a home to blackbirds, insects and the odd rabbit. Visit the Fort Exhibition on the 3rd November 10.00-16.00 at the Look and Sea Centre and see how you can become involved in this exciting and worthwhile project.

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