The Greatest Show On Earth

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September 27, 2012 by Whispering Smith

Published in the Littlehampton Gazette September 13th. 2012

There’s no business like show business

Usual super sunny day at Rosemead last Saturday with the combined Town Show and Family Fun Day running in perfect unison. So good to see so many children in the Town Show marquee, voluntarily there or dragged along I have no idea but they seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of some massive marrows, pumpkins and onions the size of which you would not believe. Refreshments were excellent with the Thai Kitchen offering being outstanding, a hog roast to die for (too many of those and you very likely would) and some excellent ale. Imbibing both, I probably put on a few pounds, but who will notice that among the other couple of hundred or so? I sincerely hope that the members of the Town Council who were present made a note of the numbers packed into the Town Show marquee. I very much doubt that those numbers would attend, or even fit into, the new community centre if the show moves on. I was given to understand that although the organisers of the Save The Town Show petition had applied for a stall in the main marquee, they were turned down, a decision which, along with the TC seemingly ignoring the wishes of so many of the electorate, says little for democracy in LA. What were they frightened of? All they have to do is to put a bad decision right.

When the boat comes in

LA will and always should, the harbour board permitting, retain its links with its historical nautical past – pleasure boats, yes, but never forget the boat building heritage, the working fishing and cargo vessels, the RNLI and the men and women who sailed from our harbour in peace and in war. Just a glimpse through the many photographs and paintings of the tall ships that once littered the Arun viewable in the town museum should act as a proud reminder of all of the above. While I welcome the new harbour master and wish him well I hope he is able to treat the local commercial fishing fleet, as small as it now is, with a little more respect than they have had over the last few years when, I believe, a couple of these hard working men were very poorly served. Although the fishermen recently asked for full representation at Harbour Board meetings this was not forthcoming. Shades of the past are never too far behind the future in LA.


Robbery under arms

As worthy as Mr Alderton’s concerns (letters September 7th) may be for the young and the disenfranchised of the area, I cannot help but wonder, had it been he or one of his family under the gun in that Angmering raid, would his thoughts towards the perpetrator of the robbery  now have been as charitable? A couple up north were banged up for three days for daring to take on four night raiders with a shotgun at their remote farm house and a judge who implied that  it takes courage to burgle? Heaven help us, it makes no sense to me at all.

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